The Hobo Roadshow

The elusive caravan of illicit booze and hand poked tattoos. A transient tattoo parlor and bar hand built by Dirby and JP (Rogue Pokes) summer of 2015. The Roadshow is a sideshow run by it's participants. Inspired by historical American Hobo culture, we strive to be sustainable and satirical. Giving a stage to who ever needs one. The brain Child of Dirby, JP, Victoria and myself.  Featuring collaborators like Dan GlassJacklyn Atkinson, Jonah Levy , Lindsay Arden, Boxer (Devon Feinmore) Shane Perez, Heather Craft and many more. And endless support from Jillian Billiard, Dan Warden, Angelica Bess, Gio Scotti, and our buddies at Acme Studio.


New Orleans 2016


Miami || Art Basel 2016


Brooklyn 2016


The first roadshow

One freezing winter night in Gowanus, a bunch of idiots decided to hang around outside and drink whiskey and warm beer in a box truck while waiting to get a tattoo.


Actual Hobo Award

Awards are given to winners of the Hobo Olympics, or as a reward for their participation in spectacle. All awards are handmade by myself from trash and found objects. "Hobo King and Queen" Awards are given each time. Every once in a while you win something for best cup and being an actual hobo.