Wardrobe Styling

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Really Love Music Video

Body Language

Direction/Set Design || Dirby

Video Production || House of NOD

Styling/Makeup || Ereka and Isabella Ferraro

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Addicted Music Video

Body Language 

Direction/ Video Production || Green Ghost Studios

Styling/ Makeup || Ereka 

"In “Addicted,” feelings of raw desire, and our tendencies to become obsessed with it, are illustrated through ominous backgrounds met with retro and glinting visuals. Chairs fly across screens, Rocky Horror lips come out to play, and multicolored Bantu knots do some serious stunting, bringing to life the wildest dreams of our club girl brains." - NYLON


Adversity Music Video

Direction || Ian Pearlman

Prop/ Set Design || Dirby and Ereka

Wardrobe Styling || Ereka


Body Language Promo 2016



Photography and Direction by Ruby June

Hair and Accessories by Ereka || May Eye Adorn You?

Styled By Ruby and Ereka